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Car sharing in the World

Car sharing in the world has been exists for over 15 years. The beginnings of car sharing can be found in the United States and Canada. In Europe car sharing has developed mostly in Germany and France for good a few years ago. Here are some addresses and films, how they do it abroad.

Modo - car sharing and fun, ideal use of the car for the time spent together, Vancouver, Canada.


City Club Car - The largest car sharing in the UK, more than 800 cars in 17 cities.

Car2Go - Car sharing performed by the manufacturer of popular Smarts, Daimler, USA, Canada, UK, Germany. In Berlin, it has a network of 1,200 vehicles.  


Car share HFX - short film, how the idea of car sharing works in the small town of Hallifax, Canada.


CAR4WAY or MASAUTO - car sharing company was founded in late 2013, operate in Prague, started from 4 cars, after eighteen months they have in their offer about 40 cars, Prague, Czech Republic. ,


VRTUcar i AutoShare - both companies started with one car 10 years ago, now companies have about a thousand cars and does not need advertising to grow, Ottawa, Canada. ,


Links to websites and articles about car sharing.

  • Mateusz

    Hey, my name is Matthew and I am a PhD student at one of Wroclaw universities. My university has a branch in Walbrzych, where I teach once a week. I do not have my own car and once a week I have to get to class. Yes, there are trains, busses, but to lead some classes I have to spend practically the whole day to get there and come back. A car with is a great option for me because I rent a car only for 5 hours.

  • Video Guide

    How to book GoGet cars (with subtitles)