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Mission and Vision

Mission of car sharingOur mission: to enable easy access to a car for everyone

We envision a future in which the number of car sharing users is almost the same as car owners in our city. The inhabitants of our city will be able to five - ten minutes walk to the car car sharing, take advantage of it and leave it in a place that suits them, without paying a designated car parking and worrying about the cost of parking in the city. Car sharing is an integral part of our community and those who enjoy urban life and modern transport option without having your own car and related problems. Simply use when you need it.

We will provide our users with mobility, which at the time they need, while leaving a small footprint on the environment compared to traditional forms of rental cars. Will provide an excellent service, saving time. Release the space in our city to parked cars, which stand more than pass by. We'll save more money in their wallets users who use the car, only when you need without paying the typical cost of maintaining your car.

Our brand is synonymous with fun, honest, modern lifestyle, innovative thinking and the social good.
Strategies for the development of the use of car sharing will be an essential part of planning for all universities, government institutions, and residential and commercial businesses.


Vision of car sharing

Our vision: fast and easy access to a car, always and everywhere, wherever you need it

Our vision, Wroclaw residents who care about our community and the environment, is to provide affordable, convenient and reliable alternative to private cars, which will provide tangible benefits to the environment, economy and communities and increase the prosperity of the region and the planet.

Our vision includes the metropolitan area of Wroclaw, where people, companies and other organizations meet their transportation needs by not to have a private car or in the case of property owned by a smaller number of vehicles, which will result in improving the environment and save money inhabitants of Wroclaw and the companies operating.

We see a community where:

- residents of the city and especially in the center do not have to have your own car in everyday life, can take advantage of car sharing cars that always stand parked in the most convenient locations and can meet a temporary need for a means of transport,

- employees of businesses in the city center do not have to go to work by car, as they can use car sharing vehicles are located in the center, for work-related travel, the city and surrounding areas,

- land and property are dedicated to proactive applications, such as housing, places of business people and greens instead of the parking lot,

- employees of universities and schools who occasionally need a car for business or private, no longer need to use more expensive modes of transport, such as taxis can take advantage of the car sharingu,

- car sharing with bike sharing is another alternative for urban transport system provides seamless mobility for residents and easy access to every corner of the city.

  • Ola

    Hi, I'm Ola and I work as a flight attendant. In my work practically all the time I am away from home, but from time to time I have days off, then when I'm back home to Wroclaw. I did not want to buy a car that would become useless for weeks, so when I need a car, I use GoGet car. This is a good solution for people like me. Regards, Ola.

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    How to book GoGet cars (with subtitles)