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Our credo

Car sharing provides environmental and social benefits to the communities in which it operates. As a service business, reducing the number of vehicles used in our cities, reduces the burden on the public road infrastructure, reduces greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, and reduces the cost of transportation for the local population.

Car sharing is a robust and flexible alternative to car ownership and becomes more and more important factor in the overall urban transport. Our goal is to introduce a new service in the public interest in a sustainable transport network.

We believe that car sharing can be a great supplement for bike sharing in winter, when renting a bike is impossible. Both forms of transportation, or car sharing in conjunction with bike sharing can be a perfect landscape of the city, which is modern and open to innovative forms of transport.

Success of bike sharing in Wroclaw points to the need for new forms of transport and absorption of the local community for ideas that in more developed countries operate successfully for years. What once was just a few bold vision of a few people, today is a well- functioning business model that benefits users, the city and the originators.

We believe that the idea of ​​car sharing in the next few years will become a reality and Wroclaw proves once again that he is very open to new ideas and residents will reap the benefits offered by the car sharing.
  • Mateusz

    Hey, my name is Matthew and I am a PhD student at one of Wroclaw universities. My university has a branch in Walbrzych, where I teach once a week. I do not have my own car and once a week I have to get to class. Yes, there are trains, busses, but to lead some classes I have to spend practically the whole day to get there and come back. A car with is a great option for me because I rent a car only for 5 hours.

  • Video Guide

    How to book GoGet cars (with subtitles)