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Six Standards of Practice

1. Protecting our environment

We understand that our products and services have a significant role in supporting the sustainable development of global resources and our decisions should focus on maximizing the role.

As an organization, we recognize our car sharing social roles, which consists of providing an alternative solution for urban and understand the importance of being a responsible citizen of the community in which we operate.

We are aware that our objective is to maximize access for all citizens to car sharing. We commit ourselves to work consistently, which will enable accessible, affordable and sustainable car sharing in the region.

As a car-sharing organization committed to actively engage in our communities, devoting our time and resources to promote a healthy lifestyle. We believe that our success should also contribute to improving the quality of life, prosperity and stability of the society in which we live and work. Our organization Car sharing will always be to promote walking, cycling and public transport other formulas that are more environmentally friendly than driving a car.


2. Relations with customers

We guarantee our customers to provide products and services that are consistent with the description and ensure the accuracy of the data in the offer.

One of our goals is to exceed customer expectations by delivering the highest value through continuous improvement of quality, performance, flexibility and reliability of services, and by building positive relationships that are beneficial to both parties and ensure long-term success.

In our work we consider only such principles as justice, honesty and accountability to all customers, and in all aspects of business transactions. Our services will be carried out in an accurate and true, always maintaining the highest ethical standards.

Awareness of purchase decisions is very important to us, so we provide access to all necessary information about our offer and services. This allows our customers to take an informed decision about purchasing our services.

Safety comes first, so we have a duty to ensure that all clients and passengers receive an appropriate level of security and a clear understanding of the safety rules that are valid for car sharing vehicles.

As an organization, car sharing, we assume that profit maximization is not our main goal, which is why we provide affordable and competitive prices for customers. Although prices are expected to provide benefits and access to capital for the company, it is a car -sharing organization that believes in meeting social mission will seek to maximize positive externalities, including motivating clients to embrace car sharing as an alternative to owning a car, which will to protect the environment and improve health and living standards.

As part of our business collect and store sensitive information about current and past clients to protect from disclosure outside line with best practice data protection. We have the right to disclose the information only to authorized institutions and only if they involve illegal activity, criminal offense or where such disclosure is required by law.


3. Relations with public

In contact with local government institutions and the government will encourage positive, transparent and honest relationships , which play an important role in social development and environmental sustainability. We will develop a leading position in the industry, together with local authorities and public transport in order to allow development and a better awareness of alternative forms of transport which include Car sharing.

We will abide by the rules and regulations of government and government in the course of business and are committed to respect the decisions of city officials.


4. Marketing practices and the quality of the information

Good relations depend on openness, reciprocity, quality and trust. Information provided by us is accurate and complete.

We will provide our customers and the public information on our services, which is as clear and accurate as possible. We try to use language that is easy to understand in order to allow customers and the general public to take the decision in full knowledge of the facts.

All of our customers we supply the current rules and user's guide. As new services are offered or the offer will be updated as it will provide customers with a copy of the documents defining the rights and obligations of the customer.

We do not accept in their practice sales and marketing, misleading, incomplete or false information. Our advertising should not mislead by inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration, omission or otherwise.

We will not participate in any of the campaigns to discredit and use of any person or group because of race, color, ethnic origin, religion, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, marital status or age.

All complaints of our customers will be very carefully considered and compensatory measures or compensation will be compensated for any errors popłenione a result of our activities.

Ensure that the audit, review, or other information submitted in marketing communications are created in accordance with established scientific principles and generally accepted practices badawczami as proof of their validity and reliability.

We agree to contribute to the development of the car -sharing, which is why we encourage universities, academics, government, government to develop indicators and industry-specific standards for car sharing.


5. Fair play

We have high expectations of ourselves and our partners, because we want to strive for excellence for sustainable development. We know that lasting success in the field of car sharing depends on our ability to shape the future of the resourceful and effective marketing and top class service. We will observe the following business standards.

Respect for others
We respect our industry and the industries competitive by operating in a manner that is respectful to the presentation of the work of other people and institutions. We believe that it is worth taking in order to achieve the highest standards in customer service and collaboration with partners. We want to be proud of the car sharing industry-wide, as well as leading us as a leader.

Honesty towards competition
We have a duty to promote competitive behavior and show respect for the competition. We will maintain fairness to competition by practicing ethical procedures.

Price dumping
We will not engage in price dumping or similar illegal activities which are based on unsustainable rates of services. These negative practices can only benefit customers in the short term and in the long term will have a negative impact on customer service as well as the entire industry.


6. Knowledge of and compliance with the law

As a company operating legally on the territory of the Polish we understand and comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations of public institution that have an impact on the legal aspect of the activities that we regulate our business activities.

In the event of a dispute or a conflict with a customer or partner will not knowingly participate in ethical behavior in order to solve the problem in accordance with the Polish law and regulations.

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