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How does It work?


Get familiar with 4 simple steps to use GoGet car.

1. Join us

2. Find and book your car

3. Go and get a car

4. Leave a car where you want

Fill out the registration form (you have to be 18 years of age and a valid driver's license). Your data are subject to review. In a few days you will receive a member card. Before you get a card, you can open the car by smartphone.

Find a car on the map. Make a reservation with an initial payment. At time of reservation you pay the cost for the time and the estimated cost for a number of kilometers. If you do not have a plan you have to also pay deposit temporary.
Go to your selected car, which is parked exactly in the location shown on the map. Then apply your member card on the reader and open the car. You can also open the car by smartphone.
Leave the car before the end of the reserved time in any place within the entire zone (map) and we will make a settlement based on time and mileage you have done. If you pay deposit temporary, you will get it back with the bill.

Hm ... I have a few questions. Check out our FAQ.

I like it, but how much does it cost? See our Rates.

Sounds great! Go to the Registration.

  • Is it for me?

    Imagine that comfortable cars are waiting for you around the corner that you can rent, when you want, without having to worry about insurance, maintenance, registration or even parking.

    In fact, imagine all the advantages of owning a car without the costs and hassles that accompany it. Sounds good, right? Therefore, we believe that instead of having your own car is much wiser to have access to the cars that are available for you when you need them.

    This means that you can provide the comfort of owning a car when it is needed, but for a fraction of the monthly cost of maintaining their own car. cars spread across the city, you can reserve a car and rent in minutes. Our users can get access to a diverse fleet of vehicles. To open the car, just use your member card on the device which is attached to the windscreen or use your smartphone by clicking in button in booking mail which you will receive after making reservation. The keys are waiting for you inside.

  • Video Guide

    How to book GoGet cars (with subtitles)