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Save money

Owning a car is expensive, no matter how you look at it. Operation, insurance, parking, repairs, fuel costs, registration and other means costs about 300$ per month per person. But there is an alternative to the private car and the cost looks much more attractive.

With car sharing you pay only for what you use and that means saving money. Our prices are clear and simple, making it easy to calculate the costs of the return trips. You only pay for the hours and kilometers rent. This means that you are out of the car when it is necessary or cost-effective, and the rest of the time you can spend on other modes of transport, such as bicycles, public transport or just walk. This is the idea of ​​car sharing that when you go there you will not pay a savings of you can use for any purpose.

The same savings are possible for our business users. Our prices are often better than the car business or rental car. Giving employees access to a fleet of cars, they rely less on their vehicles, and this may help lower your costs.

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Be eco-friendly

Driving a car is the most polluting activity in humans, accounting for nearly half of greenhouse gas emissions in the economy. In fact, we have become so dependent on our cars, which is the default choice to move, even when other resources are readily available and cost less, and so choose a car. Having a car makes a habit to use it more often than necessary, just out of habit.

The good news is that car sharing helps to get rid of this habit on a large scale, giving people the choice to take advantage of the car and at the same time not restricting their freedom. Car sharing encourages people to rational transportation and select the best mode for each trip. The result is that users decide to drive a car and choose less often walk, bike or public transport.

Car sharing allows families to limit the number of cars in the house for one car, the other helps you avoid buying a car when you need your own car is not that great. Since car sharing helps people to become less dependent on the car, it leads to a reduction in the number of cars on our roads. In fact, every car in car sharing system according to estimates, will remove at least 10 private cars off the road. Fewer cars and less driving means less congestion, better air and water quality, smarter use of urban space, reduced oil consumption and healthier lives of our residents.

What is the difference between traditional car rental and car sharing?


                  Car sharing                        Car rental
  • small deposit
  • high bail
  • availability 24/7
  • you can rent a car only during working hours      
  • no limits kilometers
  • limits kilometers

  • you only pay for hours
  • you pay for the day

  • you do not have to park at a designated place
  • you have to park only at designated place



  • Filip

    I do not need a car every day, but sometimes I need to carry something bigger, then I just go on the website and within minutes I make booking GoGet car. The ability to use the car of car sharing system only when I need is fantastic. It costs me much less than getting a taxi in the city, and what's more, I have complete freedom.

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    How to book GoGet cars (with subtitles)