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What is car sharing?

What is car sharing? - car car sharing provides access to a network of vehicles in Wroclaw and the surrounding areas (Map), so that registered users can freely reach the desired destination without having your own car. Vehicles are conveniently located within the zone, often near major interchanges and are available for registered users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Just find available car on the map via the website or smarthphone, make a reservation, even for 15 minutes before using it, then go get into the car, put your card on the device behind the windscreen and thus open the car. If you have not yet received the card, auto can be opened using a smartphone. The keys are inside the car. The minimum booking time is one hour. After finishing driving the car can be parked in any place in Wroclaw. car sharing is otherwise self-service car rental. car sharing has a fleet of diverse vehicles, from city car to the van.
We offer the city car (Smart ForTwo, Ford Fiesta), compact (Hyundai i30) and vans (Fiat Ducato).
You pay only for what you use, that is, we charge time and kilometers. Fuel, free parking in Wroclaw, full insurance, including personal injury, and all costs associated with the operation of the car are on our side. All you have to do is book your car now! car sharing may fit you, if you meet any of the following conditions:

  • Do not have your own car, but from time to time you need the car
  • You have your own car, but it has been granted to other inmates and from time to time need a second
  • If you need a larger car at a time
  • Each of the vehicles in the household is using less than 10000km per year
  • We are committed to improving the environment through their activity
  • You are good at managing time and good use of modern solutions
  • Looking for ways to significantly reduce spending on communications
  • Beata and Piotr

    We are a young couple with two small children. Some time ago, we were invited to a barbecue with friends who live outside the city. We really wanted to go but the journey by bus Sunday in Indirect and with two small children is difficult to do, and no one can take us there by car ride. Fortunately, there is by which we rented car for a few hours and we could have a nice Sunday afternoon with friends.

  • Video Guide

    How to book GoGet cars (with subtitles)