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What You get?

 Fuel provides fuel card in all of our cars on the purchase of fuel, if you need to refuel. It is important to return the vehicle with at least a quarter of the fuel tank for the next user.



GoGet cars have got full insurance, which includes OC, AC + NW, Assistance. We are responsible for everything what happens to car during your reservation, so do not worry. In the event of an accident or collision we provide the necessary assistance and transportation. More about insurance here.


Free parking

GoGet cars be parked in approved facility in paid parking zones A, B and C. Our cars are bought subscriptions for all parking zones in the Wroclaw city. Private parking, such as shopping malls are on youMap of paid parking zones.


We take care of our cars: we do periodic inspections and surveys. Our cars are not more than five years.



Cleaning takes care of the car interior, which is why they are cleaned at least once a week or even more by a professional auto car wash. Remember that when you are using a car, you are like owner of a vehicle, which means that you are responsible for maintaining order and cleanliness in the car.

  • Beata and Piotr

    We are a young couple with two small children. Some time ago, we were invited to a barbecue with friends who live outside the city. We really wanted to go but the journey by bus Sunday in Indirect and with two small children is difficult to do, and no one can take us there by car ride. Fortunately, there is by which we rented car for a few hours and we could have a nice Sunday afternoon with friends.

  • Video Guide

    How to book GoGet cars (with subtitles)