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Car sharing history and its development in different parts of the world is a very interesting issue in terms of sociological and business, and therefore we have included below a few links to websites, articles and scientific studies.

Car sharing organizations:

The best site, which was established to show car sharing in the world and its future.

Carshare consortium, the business of which is to support companies and car sharing industry development in the world.

The Victoria Transport Policy Institute is an independent research center that investigates transportation. Excellent source on transport in terms of a complex including a car sharing course.

The Mineta Transportation Institute is another institute that specializes in the impact of transport on the environment. It is worth reading their scientific studies on the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions from car sharing.

DriveNow - one of the exclusive network of car sharing based on BWW and Mini Cooper, Germany (Cologne, Munich, Berlin).

Co-wheels - in the UK, car sharing is known as a car club, United Kingdom.

Play Car  -car sharing in Italy, purchased by the branch car share one of the most traditional car rental company Enterprise, Cagliari.

Occasional Car - Denver, USA.

Respiro - car sharing in Spain, Madrid.

Bluemove - car sharing in Spain, Madrid oraz Sevilla.

Autonapul - the first car sharing company in the Czech Republic founded in 2003 in Brno. Currently, the company has 14 cars, Brno, Liberec, Prague, Czech Republic.

CAR4WAY - second car sharing company in our southern neighbors founded in 2013 based on new Skoda cars, Prague, Czech Republic.

Anytime - car sharing in Moscow based on Volksvagen brand new cars, BMW, Chevrolet, counting minutes, no fees for kilometers, similar solution to car2go, Moscow, Russia.

YoYo - car sharing in Instanbul, great interesting site, but unfortunately no english version, Instanbul, Turkey.

Mobicar - another company car sharing operator in Instanbul, also unfortunately no english version, Turkey.

Carrot - car sharing in Mexico city under the sign of Mexican carrots, lack of english-language site, Mexico.

The first comparison car sharing website in Germany.


Articles about Car sharing:

What is Car Sharing and How Does it Works

Why Do the Smartest Cities Have the Smallest Share of Cars?

Reviewing Paris Autolib Car share system

What's Ahead for Car Sharing? - The Boston Consulting Group

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