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Registration and validation of new users

Our registration forms make it easy and fast way to join the active users of car sharing. We have created a friendly forms for individuals and companies. We shortened the registration process to a minimum by taking only the necessary personal information. In addition, we use social networking sites like Facebook and Google+ for faster registration in our system and allowing logging on to the system via FB or Google+.

Our system allows for verification of the authenticity of users registering to eliminate during the registration of persons suspected or fictional. Each registrant the user is also subject to review your personal data by them in the Banking Register of Documents Reserved.

Booking cars

Our booking system allows users to choose vehicles based on the type, location, equipment, time, and costs according to the chosen currency. Cars can be selected by the search engine or search the car on the map.

Using geolocation technology, cars appear in order from closest to farthest counting the distance from the place where the user is located or the place that he indicates. Each car has shown its address where currently it is located, and shows the distance in meters separating the auto from the user.

A simple and transparent system is secure car within tens of seconds, even for a few minutes before using it. Our system supports four currency, the euro, pound and dollar and payment system is equipped to handle all currencies.

The system allows you to edit a reservation, you can change the time, space, equipment, or simply cancel or extend the reservation. If you do not have Internet access can use the hotline and edit your booking by phone.

After booking the user immediately gets an email with the details of the booking and instructions for the handling of the car. Sam mail's enough to get into the car with your smartphone by making one click under the title 'show the way to the car'.

Payment and settlement system booking

Our automated accounting system to manage payments and settlements reservation with regard to promotion, returns to the user, deductions from the deposit and contractual penalties and discounts granted to users.

The system is equipped to handle users who have opted for a form of cooperation without subscription or subscription. Prices for time and for the defeated kilometers differ from each other by a user belonging to the subscriber's plan.

To payments we chose the best companies on the Polish market and world, thanks to our system is able to handle several alternative payment methods. Our system settles payments made by PayPal, PayU and Dotpay. Each user can choose from several forms of payment, which are major credit cards, online transfers with all banks in Poland or payment from PayPal accounts or PayU.

The system is also adapted to handle four rates independently. For the currencies of euro, British pound and US dollar settlement are held in these currencies and there is no conversion. For other currencies conversion takes place on the zloty.

The system also automatically generates bills and invoices in Polish and English, depending on what language the user uses. This allows users to get the bill and invoice in a language they prefer.

For the convenience of billing each user you can set preferences to receive a monthly summary invoice.

User Account Management

Our system stores user information and conducts the history of all bookings, transactions and settlements. Each user has full access to their data had given at registration and has the ability to self-edit of the information submitted. It also has a full view of all actions that performed in the system.

Each user is assigned status, so that the system distinguishes between active people of suspended or persons newly registered who receive an unverified user status until the end of the verification process. The verification process takes only a few minutes and consists of, among others, the verification of personal data in the Banking Register of Documents Reserved.

Three progressive distribution of users is important when providing car sharing service because it allows users to promote fair and associates who, in exchange for services rendered to car sharing are offered specific privileges.

Service users and troubleshooting

To communicate with users we use all available channels. This means that information about reservations and billing system are available in the desktop version and mobile, and every action in the system is confirmed to obtain information on the mailbox. If you wish, you may also receive SMS messages to specific activities, such as. After booking receives an SMS with the details and a link to the map locating the car.

The system has been designed for display on your computer and smartphone in two languages. Coming soon mobile application will be available for all platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone).

The car sharing service, we encounter a situation where the reservation is extended, resulting impacts on booking the next user. In this case, the system immediately notifies the user about the situation and propose a solution to this problem, eg. By providing another car.

Fleet Management

Our advanced fleet management technology keeps track of where all the vehicles currently reside and provide information about the exact location of the car all our users. The position of each car available to users is shown on the map in real time, so anyone deciding to take the car in an interesting location it finds that car right there.

Our technology allows us to communicate with cars and constantly transmits all signals coming from the car to our system. Among the signals read on a regular basis is the condition of the fuel, which after the transfer to the system is displayed to users. As a result, every user knows what fuel levels can hire a car and whether during the booking process must be the same dotankować fuel or not.

Operation cars and reporting damage

Each car in the system has its own virtual card, which contains all information about the car, specifications, insurance, history and the comments made by users.

Especially this last solution is helpful in such a service like car sharing, which follows the same rental car servicing and car and finding damage can not be made in the traditional manner by an employee and a customer at the same time.

Therefore, in our system, each user can before booking and also during the reported attention to the car with the pictures using the app or website and thereby exempt themselves from liability for damages on the car, which did not. Any such attention to the car is permanently stored in the system, ie. No longer be edited by anyone and can be seen by other users, which allows any user to read due to the car reported earlier.

With this solution disappears issue of liability for damage to your car caused by others.

Our product data and vehicle usage reports, accounting, statistics members and more. This allows you to monitor the operations, performance measurement and making the right business decisions.

Each virtual car card also contains information about all expenditure, including expenditure on fuel and other operating costs. It is a useful tool for tax accounting as well as to better control the cost of the car.

Remote control car and car access control

For proper operation of our system use GSM technology, which is communication with our cars. This allows us to control the car in needed areas for us, ie. We can open or close the car remotely or, for example. Activate emergency lights. Our solutions allow you to have control over the car needed to provide car sharing service. The solutions adopted are not charged car battery, can also be applied without worrying about battery discharge.

To control access to cars, ie., Opening and closing the car we used a universal user for a long time RFID technology, which consists of applying a proximity card to the reader and triggering action. Applying a user's card reader located at the point behind the windscreen allows the opening or closing of the car. Card verified user gets everyone who filled out the registration form on the website.

For all users who need to immediately take advantage of GoGet car and do not have time to wait until the card user will mail or can not pick up the card in person in our office is the option of remote opening and closing the car. It involves the use of GSM drivers on the execution of the appropriate command open or close the car from a distance.

Coming soon we are going to introduce additional access control options using a smartphone. Thanks to Bluetooth technology will be sufficient to have a smartphone, on which our system will send a special link. After clicking on the link phone will connect to the car when approaching the car and thus send a command to the car to the door was opened. In contrast, closing the car will be held by dismissing the user of the phone from the car.

Accounting, financial reports and cash flow

Our system was not created just to work in technical terms, but also was equipped with tools to account for revenue from the book, including the costs of doing business. Engineered solutions include all components of revenues and expenses, allowing you to monitor the complex activities in financial terms.

The system was designed to handle four currencies making payments in foreign currencies for foreign users simple and easy. Thanks to this model, there is no need for conversion between currencies. Each user can account for the four currencies independently.


Our computer system in terms of security meets the requirements for protection of user data posed by the Inspector General for Personal Data Protection (Inspector General). Connection to the system is encrypted by SSL, which ensures the confidentiality of transmitted information.

Our vehicle equipped with a set of sensors which respond to various signals from the approaching vehicle, such as. Open the bonnet, fuel filler door or. Each signal is transmitted to the controller and then transferred to the employees.

Thanks to the applied solutions, any attempt to interfere in our equipment or in the equipment of the car will be recorded in the system and our employees within a few seconds will receive notification about a specific incident that took place in the car.

In addition, we signed a contract with the security company Juwentus that not only provides us with service fleet monitoring, but also being able to react in case of danger for the driver and passengers, or in the case of attempts to steal the car.

If you try to steal our cars we have triple tracking system resistant to deafening by popular jamming GPS/GSM

Plans for the future - a system of monitoring of parking spaces

The plans for the future we want to realize the idea of ​​a parking space monitoring system in on-line. This would involve reading devices installed in parking spaces information about free or busy place and display that information on a map in real time. This system would reach urban car parks, as well as private.

Information about available parking spaces would be very helpful for all drivers circulating the streets of the city in search of free space. Information about free site with an indication of the way the driver can save time looking for free space.

The system will serve GoGet users, where information on available parking spaces would be visible on the screen in the car.

Technology for sale

Our technology is available for operators that want to start car sharing system or need remote access to the car in its fleet. The form of cooperation can be available by license agreement or by providing services in a SaaS model. Contact us on this issue with:

Grzegorz Jaworski

Mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Tel.: 602 37 84 36



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