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Car sharing vs. Owning your car

The cost of owning a car is not always obvious. It is easy to spend up to 10 thousand zlotys a year, if all costs are shattered into smaller and spread out over time. For this amount consists of: fuel, insurance, parking fees, maintenance, mandatory inspection, repair, winter and summer tires, car washes, oil changes, the loss of value of the car at the time and costs which can not be predicted, for example, vandalism or accident.

On the other hand to the average cost of getting a car from car sharing is about half less per annum.

The only fees that need to be taken into account when using the GoGet car is the time (hours or days) and mileage.

Use the calculator and calc the total cost of owning a car

  Yearly costs - all fees and expenses that you incur every year

  • Civil Liability Insurance - compulsory insurance in Poland. Its value depends on the model and year of the car, the expected course, the driver's age, the town and the history of the driver.
    Enter the amount of liability insurance: zł/per year

  • Auto Casco insurance (Auto Casco) - voluntary and possible only for cars not older than 10 years. This is our car insurance from the damage, destruction or theft. Their cost depends primarily on the value of the vehicle and the scope of protection (with the contribution of his own, without downpayment, etc.).
    Enter the amount of insurance AC: zł/per year

  • Periodic technical inspections of car (Periodic inspection) - cars older than five years must do the review once a year. It is necessary to have the proof of the technical inspection and its absence in the event of an accident deprives us the right to security. The cost of the inspection for the regular car is 98 zł, for a car with gas installation - 161 zł.
    Enter the amount for your car: zł/per year

  • Additional inspections and repairs - if looked after the car at an authorized Dealer and / or car requires additional repairs you have to add a certain amount to your costs of owning a car. Such costs as oil change, oil filter change, air, cabin, replacement of brake pads and discs, battery, etc., are incurred at any car. The average amount is 1200zł per year.
    Enter your estimated amount or costs from the last years: zł/per year

  • Additional small parts - Bulbs, wipers, rugs, etc.
    Enter your estimated amount or costs from the last years: zł/per year

 Seasonal costs all the expenses that you incur every season

  • Tires changing - twice a year, we will have to incur the cost (we assume on average, that the exchange costs 100 zł).
    Enter your estimated amount or costs from the last years: zł/per year

  • Replacement of fluids - twice a year should be changed windshield wiper fluid from summer to winter (we assume an average cost 50 zł).
    Enter your estimated amount or costs from the last years: zł/per year

 Daily costs - fuel, cleaning

  • Washing and additions to the car - wash, detergents, fragrances into the car, car gadgets and so on.
    Enter your estimated amount or costs from the last years: zł/per year

  • Fuel - a significant cost factor, enter the average fuel consumption, fuel price and the number of kilometers

    Fuel consumption: liters/100 km (average)
    Fuel price: zł per liter
    Estimated mileage: km (yearly)

 The loss of value of the car at the time - is called alternative cost

  • Your car each year is worth less and at the time of sale you do not get the same value you spent to buy car. We assumed the loss of value of the car at 10% per annum.
    Enter the current value of your car:
                                                                 The annual cost of ownership your car:

A lot, right ...? Now count how much will cost you a car from

  • Hours - number of hours, we assume that the car in the city do an average of 30km per hour
    Enter the estimated mileage: km (yearly)
    Enter the number of kilometers driven per hour: km

    Cost of hours for a city car with 30% discount (6,3 zł / h)

  • Kilometers - the number of kilometers that you do with GoGet car
    Enter the estimated mileage: km (yearly)

  • Cost of kilometers for city car with 30% discount (0,63 zł / km)

                                                                                      The annual cost GoGet car:

The calculation is simple. Join Now! (registration's free)


  • Is it for me?

    Imagine that comfortable cars are waiting for you around the corner that you can rent, when you want, without having to worry about insurance, maintenance, registration or even parking.

    In fact, imagine all the advantages of owning a car without the costs and hassles that accompany it. Sounds good, right? Therefore, we believe that instead of having your own car is much wiser to have access to the cars that are available for you when you need them.

    This means that you can provide the comfort of owning a car when it is needed, but for a fraction of the monthly cost of maintaining their own car. cars spread across the city, you can reserve a car and rent in minutes. Our users can get access to a diverse fleet of vehicles. To open the car, just use your member card on the device which is attached to the windscreen or use your smartphone by clicking in button in booking mail which you will receive after making reservation. The keys are waiting for you inside.

  • Video Guide

    How to book GoGet cars (with subtitles)