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If you inspired to our mission and would like to be involved in the development of Car sharing in Wroclaw, please consider our volunteer positions. This will give  you additional benefits. You can join the organization of passionate people who change our reality and have a good time. Please read the following information about volunteer opportunities available. We are looking for people who will also be users of our system and in return for his help gain free hours to use the cars

Car patron is our most important volunteer who gets one or more cars to care in return for a free hour is responsible for maintaining the vehicle in a clean, condition monitoring and adjusting the cars on the stops. The amount of free hours is dependent on the performed activities and ranges from 10 to 40 hours per month for one car. View full job description.

Pod nanny helps keep our pods and car in the pod during the winter. The winter season begins in December and usually ends in March. In return for your skills snow removal, we give you from 10 to 20 free hours per month during the winter. For more information, see full job description.

The Ambassador is a special person who helps in the dissemination of information about car sharing. There are many opportunities to promote car sharing, for example, after the conversation with your friends, neighbors, and participation in various events. The Ambassador also acts as an intermediary between and society, thanks to him we can learn about what people think and what the expectations are to car sharing. Ambassador award-winning work in the following way: for every person who signs up from your command you will get 5 free hours to use any car.

Carrier leaflets helps in advertising and promotion by spread or handing out leaflets and posters hanging. Remuneration in the form of free time is determined individually.

Party Host is a person who in the course of the festival or fair will help us to organize a booth and will act as the host stand providing information about car sharing. Remuneration for the host of the event is based on the principle that the number of hours devoted to work is equal to the amount of free time on any car.


There is nothing, what you are looking for, but you have a good idea? We'd like to hear your proposal.
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  • Filip

    I do not need a car every day, but sometimes I need to carry something bigger, then I just go on the website and within minutes I make booking GoGet car. The ability to use the car of car sharing system only when I need is fantastic. It costs me much less than getting a taxi in the city, and what's more, I have complete freedom.

  • Video Guide

    How to book GoGet cars (with subtitles)