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You do not have to look for them anywhere, they will be waiting for you in the car (in glove compartment). member card gives access to the car only you.

Yes, but remember to leave the car within the boundaries of the zone. Zones are shown on the map on the last page of this User manual and on

You can leave the car in free of charge zone named "free zone center" (green lines on the map) or in paid area named „Off-center paid zone” (blue lines on the map).

If you want to leave your car in another city all over the country, select the city where you want to return your car.

Firstly, please do not do this because it is possible that someone booked the car after your reservation and is waiting for your car.

If it happens, please contact us so that we can extend your reservation and alert the next user of this situation. In such a case, when you extend your car reservation, you will be charged an additional fee according to the Terms of use. Please notice, that we do not always have the ability to extend your reservation - someone may have booked your car and will not agree to a time shift or for another car.

If you want to extend your reservation of the car which no one has booked after you, then you can simply extend your reservation for few hours without any extra charges.

You can extend your reservation yourself using our system, using the smartphone application or by calling the helpline.

Yes, of course. You can move around Poland, but car return must be in one of the two return zones in Wroclaw and arounds (see the map on or in another city if you have chosen during your booking option to return the car in another city and pay the return fee.

Yes, absolutely. We issue invoices for using cars that the company may counted as the cost of operations.

Self-employed, consultants, specialists working especially in the downtown area, will find in the car sharing a cost-effective solution for their needs.

For companies we prepared a special subscription that allows you to use our cars at very attractive rates. For more information visit our website

The number of cars is limited, so it can happen that the car won’t be in your neighborhood. If you would like the car to be available in your area more often, simply contact us and we will try to bring you GoGet car.

You finished your reservation and you left the car where you wanted and now you are wondering what will happen with the car?

In this case, there are two possibilities.

First. You can book a car again or someone else will do so, who lives near you and needs a car.

Second. The car will be replaced to another location by

Every user who is not over 23 years of age is required to take out insurance at extended package.

In the case of lack of insurance at extended package and had an accident, the whole deposit may be deducted regardless of who is guilty of causing damage to the car.

For more information about insurance, read this User Manual or visit our website



If you noticed the damage on the car during your stopover, report it in the comments to the car or notify us obout that by the helpline.

Each of our car is fully insured, and therefore you do not incur costs in the event of damage caused by the fault of a third party, force majeure or acts of God.

If you noticed the damage on the car, report it in the comments to the car or let us know by the helpline.

Before reporting damage on the car, at the page 'comments to the car', please check that no one had reported the damage before you. If the damage has been already reported, you do not have to report it again. For the already reported damages, you do not incur liability.

Each of our car is fully insured, and therefore you do not incur costs in the event of damage caused by  the fault of a third party, force majeure or acts of God.



You can book the car several months in advance or 5 minutes before the journey.

About 50% reservations is done at the same day.

The number of cars in our fleet is limited and it is natural that the number of cars available at a given moment vary and dependent on the location in which you are.

Therefore, our users can check on the website or in the app where is a map updated on-line, where are GoGet cars, and whether they are free or when other booking is ending and at what time the car will be available again.


You can book GoGet car as many times as you want. We do not have any limits.

If you need to book a few cars a day is no problem. You can do it, if they are available. You can check this in the system.

Car sharing works when our members know what is responsibility and respect for others. This means that they know how to plan their time and return the car on time.

In the case that you have already booked a car, which previous user is late with return and we are informed by him about this delay, we will call you to inform about the possible options in this situation.

In that case our policy provides our members another car, which is located somewhere else with compensation of three hours for free.

A user who does not return the car on time will be charged extra.

Yes. Just during making a reservation remember to select the "Consent to travel abroad.’     

Permission to travel abroad is payable additionally, because it requires us to deliver Green Card and make additional steps in order to let you go abroad.

Unfortunately not, but you can add the additional driver to your account. Only registered users can drive  a car. If you let driving a person who is not a member or has not been added as a additional driver to your account, your account will be suspended.

Our insurance covers only persons who are registered useres and drivers.

If you want to add a driver to your account, you can do it on our website, after that that    person will be entitled to drive the car, but you will be responsible for the car and the bills will be on you.

The only exception, when non-registered person can drive a car is life-threatening event.

In emergencies where the life or safety of the user or another person is at risk or if the user can not drive independently for reasons beyond his control, he or she may drive the vehicle under an unregistered user under the following conditions:

a)   user will contact to obtain a permit for the driver of emergency who is not a registered user.

b)   user will check whether the driver of emergency has a valid driving license.

c)   user makes sure that the driver of emergency is capable of driving and he is not under the influence of any narcotic substance.

d)   user will be a passenger of this car.

Registered user is responsible for any fees, costs or damages resulting from driving the car by the driver of emergency.

Failure to comply with the above conditions is the basis for the suspension of user and charge a penalty fee for driving a car by unauthorized person according to the price list.


Smoking is forbidden in all vehicles. If we find that you smoked inside the vehicle, you will be charged a penalty in accordance to the price-list on website, and we may suspend your account.

Yes, but under one condition. Animals must be in the appropriate boxes adapted for transport of animals. The owner is required to clean up after his animal.

It depends on what you did. The cars are completely cleaned several times a week and Users are not committed to cleaning, but nevertheless if you leave behind yourself a mess, we can charge you the cost of cleaning.

Fuel is included in the price. Users are responsible for ensuring that the tank was refueled at least 1/4 of after finished driving for the next user. Every car has a fuel card BP Routex that can be used only by users.

Each fueling is monitored by us via a data communications system, so attempts to defraud the fuel will end with our immediate response.

In such a situation where you need to refuel car at a different station than the station with BP Routex, it is possible as long as you provide VAT invoice for fuel for the company car sharing Sp. o.o. and leave the invoice in the car at the end of reservation or send it by mail.

Delivered to us invoice for the fuel is the basis of money back for User.

No. Because the car is designed to open and close the car by the Member card or by smartphone.

The keys are only used for ignition of the car and always have to be left inside the car.

When you use the car you are a driver, so you are responsible for committing traffic offenses.

The fine is issued on a person who is a driver, so is not responsible for your fine.

The fine for parking in a prohibited place should be paid by the driver. In a situation where you parked illegally and already had arrived Municipal Police, let us know about it and work it out with the guards.

If it is a reason to extend the reservation time, the fee for for extra hours will be added to your bill.

If you caught a flat tire, a spare wheel, jack and the necessary keys would be in the trunk. Please tell us about that situation and we will extend your reservation an hour longer for free.

The vehicle is also equipped with a fire extinguisher, first aid kit and a reflective vest help.

In such a situation, let us know and contact with the Municipal Police. Costs of removing the lock are on your side and, if time of reservation runs out before removing the lock, there will be added an extra hours to the bill.

If you leave us with a locked car, you will be charged a penalty in accordance to the Terms  of Use, which one will be deducted from the deposit and your membership in may be suspended.

If you have lost your Member card, it is no problem, just let us know and we will send you a new one.

Additional fee for new card is 10 PLN.

In such a situation, call us and we provide another car and you will also get one hour free, just to cover the time for providing replacement car.

If you applies your Member card into the reader, and there is no reaction, please wait a while and try again. It happens when you book the car a several minutes earlier.

In such a situation, wait for a few minutes. This is related to the car communication system that transmits information about the user's access privileges.

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    Car sharing zapewnia korzyści środowiskowe i społeczne na rzecz społeczności, w której działa. Jako usługa biznesowa, zmniejsza liczbę pojazdów użytkowanych w naszych miastach, zmniejsza obciążenie publicznej infrastruktury drogowej, zmniejsza emisję gazów cieplarnianych i innych zanieczyszczeń oraz obniża koszty transportu dla miejscowej ludności. Car sharing jest solidną i elastyczną alternatywą dla posiadania samochodu i staje się coraz bardziej istotnym czynnikiem w całkowitym transporcie miejskim. Naszym celem jest wprowadzenie nowej usługi w interesie publicznym, w ramach zrównoważonej sieci transportowej.

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